Science laboratories have a number of different experiments taking place every day. However, the majority of these experiments can not only be fragile on time and accuracy but extremely dangerous too. Dealing with heavy equipment, hazardous chemicals and sometimes even fire can cause serious injury and damage, so it’s important you have an experienced team and the right essentials in the environment at all times.

Here at Benchmark Services, we specialise in lab relocations – our professional team can help you have a successful move of your delicate equipment and substances, as well as helping make sure you have all of the right inventory found in your laboratory. Furthermore, here are 8 ‘must-have’ essentials you should be investing in after your lab relocations.

1. Helpful Guides

Regardless if your laboratory is used for teaching purposes or as an official workplace, having a bookshelf full of guides and manuals can be seriously beneficial to everyone who steps foot in that environment. Science is a topic that contains thousands of other different topics and terms, so there is a lot to learn, especially when carrying out experiments. Therefore, having a bookshelf allows the team and visitors to browse and continuously train themselves on Science, keeping your team professionally trained and your environment looking educational as well as practical.

2. Containers

When carrying out these experiments, there are a number of different containers that are used throughout the different stages of the process. For instance, beakers and cylinders are usually used for measuring and then Petri dishes are used to contain things during experiments, such as bacteria.

Lab Relocations

Lab Relocations – Beakers is the No. 2 Essential

3. Fire Extinguisher

For any work environment that contains flammable substances or heating equipment (e.g. Bunsen burners), a fire extinguisher is mandatory to have on the premises. This is for the safety of the team, visitors and the overall building in case of an accident involving fire. 

4. Steriliser

There are many different types of sterilisers you can get for a science laboratory. This includes a goggle steriliser or even a beaker steriliser. Either way, these pieces of machinery will help keep all protective wear sanitary and effective and all equipment cleaned out and ready for its next use. Working in a science lab, it is not as easy as washing up the dishes.

5. Measuring tools

Funnels, pippets, thermometers etc. These are all vital tools to have in your science laboratories. They contribute significantly through experiments, and without them, your results aren’t going to be as accurate as you need them to be.

6. Protection

Lab Relocations

Lab Relocations – Keep Protective Clothing on at All Times!

Your team may be professional at handling hazardous chemicals and flammable equipment, but it doesn’t make them indestructible! To not only meet regulations, but for the safety of your team, invest in some goggles, aprons, lab coats and gloves etc. These four things alone will protect the eyes and skin from being affected by any hazardous chemicals or broken equipment.

7. Source of time

Whether its a wall clock or a stopwatch, having a source of time in a working environment keeps the place more organised and kept on schedule. Also, time is actually a very important element within science and it’s experiments. For example, a member of your team may need to find out how long it takes for a metal to react with a chemical, or how long it takes for something to evaporate etc. Either way, make sure you have some sort of time source within your laboratory.

8. Eyewash Station

Last, and certainly not least, an eyewash station! This usually consists of a sink with a tap, some towels and eye soap. Whatever the set-up, it’s vital that the lab contains some sort of eyewash station for the safety concern of anyone who steps into the lab. If you accidentally spill a hazardous chemical or break a fragile piece of equipment, it can cause some serious issues with your eyes if they come into contact with them. Having an eyewash station prepared allows the person affected to quickly wash the chemicals out before it has a chance to severely impact your eyesight.

Lab Relocations

Lab Relocations

Lab Relocations – Benchmark Services’ Ultra-Low Emission Truck!

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