A new school for graduate environmental research and training has opened at Lancaster University.

The Lancaster Graduate School for the Environment has been formed, with the Lancaster Environment Centre, Rothamsted Research and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) all joining forces.

The director of the brand new school, Dr Alan Blackburn said: “Students will now have access to a vast array of potential research projects as well as access to a large cross section of world class supervisors and expertise.  The three research centres also have extensive links to government agencies, research bodies and businesses, offering our students excellent career prospects and contacts with a pool of prospective employers.”

The new school will include students that study for Masters, PhD and professional qualification. They will look to focus on a certain area of research, while also contributing to major environmental challenges the school will be focused on tackling.

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All of the organisations involved in the new school all have a history of long-term collaboration with each other – Rothamsted and Lancaster University are currently working together on crop production, plant science and managing of soil and water resources. CEH is a partner of the Lancaster Environment Centre  and has both labs and scientists based in Lancaster.

Director at the CEH, Professor Mark Bailey said: “This exciting collaboration creates a world-leading and distinctive entity for postgraduate training, research and professional development. Bringing together our three organisations with our collective, globally-recognised expertise and facilities offers a tremendous set of opportunities to students of the School.”

The new school is already working on schemes that build on professional training courses with industry partners such as Waitress on food security and courses on flood and coastal risk management with environment industry partners.

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