When it comes to the transportation of scientific or medical samples and chemicals, expertise and adherence to regulations are paramount. At Benchmark Services, we take pride in offering a specialist service tailored to meet the unique requirements of such delicate cargo. Our commitment to safety and compliance ensures that your valuable samples and chemicals are transported securely and in accordance with industry regulations.

To facilitate the safe movement of dangerous goods, Benchmark Services provides a team of qualified professionals, including a Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGSA). Our DGSA is equipped to supply detailed instructions and packing guides for all inventories, ensuring that every step of the process adheres to the highest safety standards. Whether you need guidance on packaging, documentation, or labelling, our DGSA will provide the necessary expertise and support.

In addition, many of our personnel at Benchmark Services are ADR-licensed. This is a legal requirement for transporting potentially dangerous or harmful materials on the road. Our team has undergone comprehensive training and successfully obtained ADR licenses, further ensuring the safe carriage of dangerous and hazardous materials.

The term ADR refers to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. This comprehensive agreement sets forth stringent guidelines for the transportation of all dangerous and hazardous cargo. By strictly adhering to these guidelines, we prioritise the safety of both our personnel and the materials being transported.

To further enhance our comprehensive services, we have an in-house chemist available to provide packing and labelling instructions. Our chemist provides detailed information on the classification and category of each item, ensuring accurate and compliant packaging. By utilising the expertise of our in-house chemist, we ensure that your samples and chemicals are packed and labelled appropriately, meeting all necessary safety standards.

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