Whether you decide to move down the road or in a completely new city, moving is an incredibly big decision to make, and it is your responsibility to make sure you have the right reasons too. Regarding laboratory relocation, our experienced team aim to provide you with the least stressful moving experience as possible, even so, you won’t even have to lift a finger!

There’s no decision quite like choosing to move to a new building, regardless if it is your home or lab! But how do you know if it is 100% the right decision? We have collected 6 clear signs to look out for that should make you consider laboratory relocation.

Laboratory Relocation

Laboratory Relocation

1. The size of your lab is inconvenient

When you first moved into your current lab, your organisation was probably a lot smaller than you are now. Since then, you have probably invested in bigger and better equipment, grown your team and client list, and overall just become a lot more experienced in your profession – and whilst that is colossal progress, it can potentially mean the size of your lab is becoming quite inconvenient for you and your team. Furthermore, with a bigger team and a bigger client list, you are probably going to need more room to do bigger work! Moving into a larger working environment allows smoother, more accurate work for your organisation. That is your first sign that you should consider lab relocation.

2. The location of your lab is inconvenient

If you find yourself and your team making a long commute to the lab everyday, it can really cause tiredness and stress, making you much less motivated for the working day – and despite the fact that getting caught in traffic a 9am or 5pm Monday to Friday is inevitable, living closer or in a more convenient area can make a significant difference. Here is your second sign – if the journeys are draining you and your team even before you make it to work, maybe you should consider relocating your lab into a more convenient area.

3. Your goals have changed

With every business or organisation, there are goals. Important goals that give your team, product and services purpose. Goals can be literally anything – from maintaining a safer, more eco-friendly workplace to producing a cure for a disease, anything that has a possibility to be achieved and will result in a positive impact for your team and organisation. If the environment you are currently in doesn’t give you the right inspiration, space, equipment or time to achieve these goals soon, then you should definitely consider moving to a lab with these essentials.

4. The location of your lab is inconvenient FOR CLIENTS!

As we mentioned earlier, long commutes to work can really cause tiredness and stress, making you much less motivated. But if that is just regarding the team, how about those clients/customers that have to visit your workplace, or YOU have to visit? Of course, we are definitely not suggesting moving closer to every single one of your clients, or only accepting clients that are within a specific mile radius. What we are suggesting, however, is considering laboratory relocation. This is because moving into a more convenient area e.g. where there is more/cheaper parking options, better facilities and an overall bigger environment. Doing this, only if necessary, will allow a better impression on your company and team.

5. There are bigger opportunities available

Whilst the past five reasons have been mostly about convenience, sign 6 is more of an entrepreneurial one. If you are one yourself, you would know that location is a very important aspect of a successful business and a new adventure, so considering laboratory relocation might just be a great idea. Additionally, if you want to grow your business, you are ambitious to increase brand awareness, work and your environment, and your current lab isn’t doing this for you, then that is your final sign for your decision.

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