1. Over $10m was raised by synthetic biology company Cambrian Genomics to use lasers in order to both create and edit DNA as well as enabling customers to create their own custom living creatures!
2. A recent study surrounding the calculations of gravitational influence has revealed that it is likely that at least 2 more planets are circling the sun beyond Pluto’s orbit.
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3. Russia’s largest ever scientific grant has been secured by Moscow State University. The grant will be used to gather the DNA of both every living and extinct creature in order to create the world’s first ever database of its kind.
4. A team of international astronomers have discovered a sun-like star that has Earth-sized planets orbiting it dating back to the dawn of the Galaxy!
5. The first new antibiotic in 20 years has been found by scientific researchers. It is called teixobactic and it was discovered through a breakthrough method of using an electronic device in order to isolate the antibiotic compounds found within soil.
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6. Scientific researchers have managed to grow human skeletal muscle that actually acts identically to native tissue when contracting and responding to stimuli from external sources for the first time.
7. MIT Physicists have made the discovery that it is possible for subatomic particles to be induced to speed up by themselves, almost to the speed of light, completely in the absence of any external forces!
8. Discovery of a new method for producing grapheme of a high quality standard has been found by a PHD candidate at Delt University. The grapheme has also decreased massively in price, coming in at about 1/1000th of the cost it was previously.
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9 The “vibrational” chemical bond that was primarily discovered in the 1980’s has finally been both extensively demonstrated and also experimentally confirmed to exist.
10. It has been proven that it is possible for artificial microscopic machines to travel within a living creature whilst delivering their medicinal load in the absence of any detrimental effects!
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