With recent AIM-listed Abzena as the first tenant, there are now prosperous opportunities available for spin-outs and scale-ups all thanks to Imperial College London. Imperial have put great plans in place to build 50k square foot of vibrant new offices and labs at Barbraham Research Campus that could spark a few laboratory relocations.
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The exciting move predicts capacity expansion in order to support the vast number of fast-growing science and technology based companies around, as well as creating and maximising potential impact of relevant and progressive research from a variety of prestigious universities across the country.
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Exciting plans will be underway shortly

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) working alongside Babraham Bioscience Technologies (BBT) and Imperial have in fact signed a long-term lease on land owned by the BBSRC at Babraham Research Campus; therefore these exciting plans will be underway very shortly.
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Dr Eulian Roberts of Imperial College ThinkSpace is in great support of the ideas that Imperial have turned into reality. He said “we want to see more of Imperial’s ideas out in the marketplace, creating value and transforming lives.”
“Imperial College building a facility on the campus strengthens the pre-eminent position of the Babraham Research Campus in the Cambridge bio cluster and provides opportunities for Imperial College spin-outs and established regional companies to work together. It really is a step-change for the campus.” Derek Jones, BBT Chief executive.
The new building is set for completion in late 2016, so watch this space!
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