The Science Park is still owned and run by Trinity College Cambridge, who have owned the land since 1546 when it was given to them by Henry V111. Today, companies on the park work very closely with the University for research and development of products and many companies have spun out of the University.  They are mainly all involved in scientific research and development.
There are now over 90 companies and over the years have developed such things as:-

  • The machine that makes round tea bags
  • Printing technology for sell by dates on food stuff
  • Bluetooth

Currently, companies are working on tiny auto-injectors for patients to self administer treatments and internet radios, these are without buttons or switches, in the shape of a cube -you can pre programme in your favorite 4 stations with a station on each side of the cube, to change channel simply turn the cube onto that side and it plays!
Today the park can offer companies:

  • 100,000 sq feet Biology Labs
  • 300,000 sq feet Chemistry labs
  • 150 to 2000 sq feet individual units and office space for office based research companies

The park also provides conference facilities, restaurant and bar, child care nursery, health and fitness, beauty treatments,  jogging and walking paths and electric car charging points.