Scientists that have been involved in a Phase I trials for an Ebola have said that the recent results have been very promising.

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The trial, which is being led in Hamburg, has 158 volunteers in total who are taking part in Germany, Gabon, Switzerland and Kenya. The volunteers are being vaccinated with increased doses of a potential vaccine called rVSV-ZEBOV. the vaccine is attenuated, genetically modified strain of vesicular stomatitis virus, which presents a surface protein of the Ebola virus.

Professor Marylyn Addo, from the German Centre for Infection research, had this to say about the trials: “The results for tolerability, safety, and the immune response to the vaccine candidate are very promising. With this, a single vaccine could provide lasting protection against Ebola.”

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From phase I of the trails, no serious vaccine-related adverse reactions were noticed, however there were cases of mild fever and some joint complications. The antibodies which are produced by the vaccine were still detectable after 6 months.

These results are being merged into other trials, which are using a previously determined optimal vaccine dose and also focusing on testing children. The US Food and Drug Administration is seeking approval for an Ebola vaccine for 2017.

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All scientists who are involved are participating in VEBCON, a large group of experts founded by the World Health Organisation, with the aim of rapid and coordinated clinical testing of the Ebola vaccine in Africa.

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