Cambridge Science Park has grown dramatically over the years. We’ve highlighted some key facts about the history of Cambridge Science Park.
The Science Park is located on the North Eastern edge of the city.
The land is owned by Trinity College and was given to the college by Henry V111 in 1546 and it was used for farmland.
It was used during the war by the US Army to prepare vehicles and tanks for the D Day landings. After the war the land sat derelict until the 1970’s.
In 1969 The Mott Committee published a report that recommended an expansion of ‘science based industries’, taking advantage of scientific expertise, equipment , libraries and the expert knowledge available in Cambridge.
The very first company on sight was Laser Scan in 1973. By the end of the 1970’s the number of companies had grown to 25.
The park has now grown into the largest science park in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe.
Over the next 40 years the park attracted Research and Development, Technology, Venture Capital and Life Science companies.
In 2010 the park celebrated 40 years of innovation and development.
The sight now houses over 90 companies and is continually being redeveloped. Plans to build a hotel are underway soon.
Facilities include conference centers, restaurants and bars, a child care nursery,  a health and fitness centre, jogging and walking paths and electric car charging points.
It employs over 5000 people.
It’s known as Silicon Fen.
It’s still being developed and run by Trinity College.