Earlier this year, Benchmark Services introduced its first electric van to the fleet in a bid to make our laboratory relocation services more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

What is an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles function by plugging into a charge point and taking electricity from the grid. They store the electricity in rechargeable batteries that power an electric motor, which turns the wheels. Electric vehicles accelerate faster than vehicles with traditional fuel engines – so they feel lighter to drive.

What are the benefits of an E-Van?

  • Eco-friendliness – Electric vans produce no CO2 or NOx emissions as they drive, meaning their widespread adoption has the potential to dramatically improve air quality, especially in urban areas.

We understand we have our part to play in cutting our carbon footprint so moving over to using electric vehicles where we can, gives our business the chance to become involved in innovative transport developments which are addressing environmental issues.

The E-Van is the ideal vehicle for busy urban areas and residential streets. Additionally, it runs silently both inside and outside, helping relieve drivers’ stress on long working days.

Transporting goods and helping people relocate their laboratories and medical equipment means Benchmark is always on the road, so the opportunity to produce zero emissions – which is applicable to noise pollution just as much as exhaust fumes – is brilliant for us moving forward. 

Today, many companies are trying to make their business more environmentally friendly wherever they can… Here at Benchmark Services, our electric van is the ideal solution to help with your smaller laboratory relocation needs.

Are you looking for a sustainable relocation service? Give our team a call today on 01480 423 810 or email enquiries@benchmark-services.co.uk to find out more.