The executive chairman of Alphabet Inc (the parent company of Google), Eric Schmidt has announced a new post-doctoral fellowship programme with the goal of enhancing cross-disciplinary research.
Eric, along with his wife Wendy, in partnership with the University of Oxford-based Rhodes Trust, set up the $25 million Schmidt Science Fellow programme for 10 to 15 Fellows in the natural sciences, engineering mathematics and computer science. The selected scholars will receive a $100,000 salary for participating in the programme, which will include advanced research at a leading laboratory in scientific discipline different from their core area of study.
The Warden of Rhodes House, Charles Conn, had this to say about the programme: “At the end of the fellowship, we think the post-docs will be ready for scientific leadership. And not just the leadership of their laboratory department, but thought leadership as well. Scientists at this stage of their career can have a very narrow and deep knowledge, this program will aim to complement this by exposing them to new science and technology, novel ways of thinking, and a broader network of colleagues who can help guide their success as leaders.”

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The programme will also include five weeks of high-level courses and group programmes will explore a diverse range of scientific advances, conversations with some of the worlds leading scientific and societal leaders, as well as immersive leadership experiences that will help Fellows build support for their future work.
Eric Schmidt released a statement about the programme saying: “This is an unprecedented era of scientific progress, when artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other breakthroughs can dramatically advance fields as disparate as civil engineering, biochemistry and computer science,”
“To address society’s most pressing issues, our best scientists and technologists in all disciplines will need to work effectively with non-profits, government, and business. This program will help our Fellows develop skills that accelerate the pace of research and discovery in their future work, and will encourage them to serve as the next generation of scientific leaders.”
The closing date for applications for the programme is 31st December of this year. With the first successful applicant being revealed in the spring of 2018.

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