When you are relocating your lab, there are probably a number of things going through your head to ensure you haven’t/won’t forget anything or nothing goes wrong. Especially in processes like this, where there are dangerous chemicals and fragile equipment in need of relocating, you need to make sure you are prepared for the worst!

This article consists of 5 things you should consider before proceeding with lab equipment removal and will hopefully help lift a little bit of stressful weight off of your shoulders.

1. Organise Inventory and Materials

When relocating, a lot of laboratory teams worry about the loss and damage of their significant material. But a good method to prevent this from happening would be to organise your inventory before moving. Firstly, start off by segregating chemicals from ones that can cause a hazardous impact when combined. Then, throw away any expired or wasteful equipment to save up room! Finally, note down an in-depth inventory of all of the material within the lab before moving it out of the environment. This analysis will ensure you are aware of the weight of the storage, anything you’ve generally run out of and will prevent you from unknowingly losing anything during the move.

Lab Equipment Removal

Lab Equipment Removal

2. Plan Ahead

To save yourself (and the relocation team) from any confusion and stress, it may be a good idea to organise the equipment arrangements of your new laboratory before you go through with the lab equipment removal. This anticipation creates a total organisation and will allow you and the relocation team to be on the same page when arranging your new workplace.

3. Invest in Efficient Protection

If your relocation team doesn’t already offer it, you should invest in some proper protection of your lab equipment and materials. As I said, laboratories will always contain something breakable, whether it is a simple glass beaker or a huge apparatus, so you have got to take some sort of precautions to prevent any damage to your lab possessions. By protection, I mean things like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, even blankets will make a difference – it will most certainly lift some worry and sensitivity during the lab equipment removal.

4. If Current Experiments are Going on…

It is highly unlikely that it will come to this, but if your team are currently going through experimentation, and for example, it requires something to be left in direct sunlight for a certain amount of time etc. the removal can affect the experiment significantly. To prevent this from happening, make sure you inform and organise with your team thoroughly before the move about what work needs to be stopped or postponed beforehand. It’s important you consider the relocation team because if they move anything that is currently under experimentation, it is them that has “ruined” perfect results etc.

5. Hiring a Team

Finally, you have probably noticed we mentioned a relocation team a couple of times during this article. Well, being ones ourselves, it’s only right that we explain to you why you should consider hiring a relocation team before moving your lab. For one thing, we are highly trained professionals with exceptional knowledge about science and its laboratories. So, with Benchmark Services, you are guaranteed a safe and secure lab equipment removal and relocation, all at a great price and amazing customer service.

A lot of people ask themselves: Why pay for people to move these boxes for me? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are moving laboratories, schools or houses, a removals/relocation team are extremely beneficial to you and your fellow movers. This is because we take a large portion of stress off of your shoulders, we prevent you from getting any injuries and we overall just make the situation a lot more exciting for you.

Thank you for reading.