The relocating of a laboratory can be widely beneficial to you, your team and the whole organisation. Whatever the reason, you are going to want the relocation of your facility to be as stress-free as possible, with no damage to your equipment. That’s why you should consider professional laboratory moving services.

Here at Benchmark Services, we specialise in laboratory moving services. We are a professional team who can lift the weight off of your shoulders, quite literally! Below are 6 ways laboratory moving services and relocation can benefit you and your business…

Laboratory Moving Services

Benefits of Laboratory Moving Services

1. A complicated move made so simple

Whatever the reason for your move, it’s important your lab is relocated and settled in its new facility with as little disruption as possible. Unfortunately, due the fragility, weight, complexity and costs of this equipment, it’s never a simple endeavour. Relocation requires small steps with a big responsibility, which can sometimes be quite complicated for some. These steps include documentation, inventory, decision making, weight-lifting, safe loading/unloading, and transport.

Using professional laboratory moving services makes a complicated move, simple! With the right equipment and training, our services can benefit you in terms of time, safety and emotionally.

2. A more enjoyable relocation

Due to the fact that our services allow us to take the responsibility and stress away from you, relocating your lab becomes much more enjoyable. Some people get quite anxious about relocating, understandably, as there is always the potential for something could go wrong:

  • Equipment could get left behind, lost or damaged.
  • Important results or experiments can be significantly interrupted.
  • Disrupts significant business time, meaning the potential loss of work and customers.

This is why using professional laboratory moving services can make your laboratory relocation much more enjoyable and stress-free!

3. We have the right equipment to do so

Laboratory moving services requires the lifting and transportation of heavy, fragile equipment. If done incorrectly, injury or damage to the equipment can occur. At Benchmark Services, we are a strong, fully-qualified team with efficient equipment and large vehicles that help us ensure a reliable and safe move for you and your laboratory.

4. Enhance your brand

Benefits of Laboratory Moving Services

Benefits of Laboratory Moving Services

A bigger, better and new work environment means you have an easier and better chance of improving your workforce; more space means more people and more equipment and an overall bigger brand! Relocating a lab can benefit your company and its branding massively because it’s a signal of success and determination. New employees and customers will be a lot more impressed by you!

5. New lab, new start

Working in a new location within a new environment is sometimes the boost you need! It can make you more motivated to work. Maybe you were a bit bored of your last work environment, which can impact your work ethic.  A relocation to a new laboratory could be exactly what you need to get those motivation levels sky high again!

6. It’s the perfect time for a lab clean

There might be a few things in your laboratory that you no longer require. Here at Benchmark Services, we offer an efficient disposal and recycling service so you can ensure you make the most out of your new space.

Laboratory Moving Services

Here at Benchmark Services, we can help benefit you during your lab relocation. Get in contact with us today for all enquiries or visit Benchmark Services’ Facebook Page to find out what we get up to!

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