Benchmark Services offer a fully managed warehouse service enabling the controlled administration, hosting and movement of stock and products. We are able to take delivery of items from wherever in the world and manage them from delivery into storage and onward distribution and delivery. Anything from single items to 40-foot containers can be accommodated.

Stock management is an integral service offering with regular stock audit reports as a standard feature. We also provide a facility to store spares and accessories in support of equipment manufacturers’ field service engineers.

So what actually is the difference between managed and self-storage?

New and established businesses alike have plenty of storage options, but which type should you choose? Self-warehousing or managed warehousing?

The entire process of self-warehousing is managed by you, from arranging deliveries to and from storage, to taking stock and managing your inventory.

A managed storage facility, on the other hand, will handle every aspect of your storage needs, including picking and packing, stocktakes, etc.

Managed storage is designed with your needs in mind. It’s ideal for those running and managing businesses who need a place to store and completely manage and control their stock. Fulfilment services offered by managed storage include inventory management, picking, packing, transportation, etc. This also allows your goods to be stored and managed to your specifications.

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