The prospect of lab relocation can be overwhelming. Delicate equipment, sensitive materials, and stringent safety protocols all contribute to the stress. Benchmark Services is here to guide you every step of the way with the essential do’s and don’ts of lab relocation. 

DO: Let Benchmark Assess Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to address every aspect of your lab relocation. Before contacting us, take stock of your equipment and prioritise what needs moving. Do you require the specialised transport of our FreezerTruck for cryogenic equipment? Perhaps labelling and safe handling of hazardous materials is your concern? Benchmark has you covered, from start to finish.

DON’T: Go It Alone

Lab relocations are inherently complex and require expert handling. Attempted DIY moves pose a significant risk of accidents, injuries, and potential damage to your valuable equipment. Benchmark’s team conducts meticulous risk assessments, identifying and mitigating every potential hazard within your lab.

DO: Consider Storage Solutions

During the relocation process, you might encounter equipment you don’t need immediately at the new facility. Benchmark provides secure, short- and long-term storage solutions for these items, ensuring their safety until they’re required.

DON’T: Compromise on Contamination Control

Cross-contamination is a critical concern in any lab. Benchmark prioritises preventative measures to safeguard your equipment and samples. However, your collaboration is crucial. Categorise your equipment clearly before our arrival. This simple step minimises the risk of sensitive items being mixed up and jeopardising your ongoing research.

DO: Ensure a Clean Start

Whenever possible, thoroughly clean and decontaminate any equipment before the move. A clean environment promotes not only hygiene but also reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances.

A Stress-Free Move is Within Reach

While lab relocation involves numerous details, Benchmark Services is here to simplify the process. Our team of experts will handle everything with precision and care. Contact us today at 01480 423 810 to discuss your specific needs and optimise your lab relocation for a smooth transition.