Relocating a laboratory can be a daunting task, but with careful planning, it can be done seamlessly and efficiently. 

The key to any successful relocation project is considering all the different elements that require attention…

Business and process continuity must be maintained during the relocation, and this means taking into account equipment inventory, de-commissioning, and re-commissioning. OEM liaison, labelling and asset management, and clean room considerations are also important factors to consider. Additionally, the transportation and handling of dangerous goods and chemicals, samples and research specimens, frozen or refrigerated materials, glassware, and consumables must also be taken into account.

Other important considerations include files, folders, and documentation, as well as packing and crating. Egress and access routes, regulatory requirements, and the safe and secure transportation of all assets must also be planned. Insurance and the disposal of surplus assets must also be considered in the planning process.

Benchmark Services experienced Project Management team are there to discuss every aspect of your laboratory relocation. They will take you through the whole process, step by step, to ensure that your requirements are accurately captured before presenting a quotation. 

Once instruction to proceed is given, a relocation plan will be produced and discussed, mutually agreed upon, and roles and responsibilities will be clarified and dates and milestones confirmed. The appointed Project Manager will have responsibility throughout the duration of the relocation and will be your primary point of contact.

In conclusion, relocating a laboratory can be a complex and challenging task, but with proper planning, attention to detail, and the help of trained professionals, it can be done seamlessly and efficiently. 

We encourage you to reach out to us for guidance and support as you plan your laboratory relocation. Whether you need us now, or further down the line, we’ll be here when you need us!

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