Benchmark Services is represented by an excellent team of reliable professionals, and over the years we have built up a wide range of knowledge when it comes to lab equipment removals. Using this article, we want to educate you on some top tips!

Here are some top tips for a smooth lab equipment removal:

1) Be Careful With Equipment

Whether it is a glass beaker or a huge apparatus used in experiments, laboratories contain equipment that can be fragile and could therefore break. As a removals service (us), it is our responsibility to make sure our client’s possessions are properly cared for and transferred to their new location, and we can do this by packing them away safely, placing them in their correct new places and constantly being aware of our surroundings. Laboratories are overall a dangerous environment, with hazards and risks in every cupboard and counter, but by offering our top-quality services, we can provide you with a safe and successful lab equipment removal!

Lab Equipment Removal

Lab Equipment Removal – Chemicals

2) Chemicals Need To Be Segregated Properly

Handling substances in the lab are required by a professional – some chemicals have specific reactions to one another, some that can cause a minor corrosive reaction, some that can even cause an explosion. To prevent this from happening during your lab relocation, our excellent team will keep specific chemicals segregated from one another to prevent any damage or reaction to anyone or anything. Laboratories can be incredibly dangerous environments, especially if you are uneducated on the particular things that go down in the building. Lucky for you, there are services out there that can help you with your lab equipment removal, like us! We are all properly informed and aware of the dangers of combined chemicals and we have in place specific protocols to ensure that doesn’t happen and for times when it does.

3) Protection Needs To Be Worn

Due to the dangerous equipment and chemicals in the laboratory, protective clothing must be worn at all times. Without this equipment, we risk hazardous substances coming into contact with our eyes and hands, which can result in more long-term damages. As a professional team, we have access to the right protection such as goggles, gloves, bodysuits etc. that will prevent us from harm and give us the opportunity to provide you with an efficient, equipped team.

Lab Equipment Removal

Lab Equipment Removal – Protection

4) Ergonomic Environments

A common health issue we come across when performing lab relocation is something that is also quite overlooked in a lab. In an environment where there seem to be more risks, ergonomic problems are one of the most common issues to occur. From lifting, pushing or pulling objects to bending over several times for a certain period of time, working at these standards can lead to injury, minor or major. Therefore, it’s important to take these risks into consideration and to think of ways to prevent yourselves and us from getting hurt. For example, organising furniture arrangements so we aren’t constantly hauling your possessions back and forth around the room etc. A successful lab equipment removal team will assist you in organising and setting up your equipment in your new location!

Here at Benchmark Services, we are an awesome, reliable team of individuals that offer a number of removals services including Lab Equipment Removal. Contact us today to learn more. Thank you for reading.