Music needs science, without science and technology music wouldn’t exist: microphones, amplifiers, electric guitars, synthesisers, light shows and dry-ice are all examples of how science has helped the world of entertainment.

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While scientists and science aren’t usually what musicians sing about, a few special scientists have been given a shoutout by some musicians, here is out list of the Top 10 Scientist in Songs:

Galileo Galiliei

Galileo Galiliei was one of the greatest scientists of the Renaissance, many people see him as the father of modern physics. He was lucky enough to appear in Queen’s biggest hit, Bohemian Rhapsody, perhaps guitarist Brain May decided it would be a good idea as he studied astrophysics at university before quitting uni for the band. Brain then later went on to complete a PhD in astrophysics.
Galileo was also lucky enough to make it into some other tunes, not just in the lyrics but in the title. Amy Grant, Indigo Girls and Celtic Thunder all have tracks called Galileo.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and he was also a surprising popular figure in songs including Super Pop by Madonna, Revisionism Street by Bob Seger, Sounds of Science by the Beastie Boys and Man on the Moon by REM.

Albert Einstein

Einstien was the 20th century’s scientific superstar, therefore it’s not massively surprising that he was a hit in popular music too. Several songs include his name in their titles including Einstein by Kelly Clarkson, Einstein was a Surfer by Jimmy Buffett and Einstein on the Beach by Counting Crows.

Thomas Edison

We’re sure you already know that Edison produced electrical lights, something that has become vital in the world of music. His name is remembered in Edison by the Bee Gees, Edison’s Medicine by Tesl and the Wizard of Menlo Park by Chumbawamba.

Alexander Graham Bell

Best known for inventing the telephone, some musicians were so grateful that they decided to chuck his name into the lyrics of their song, including Gone to Pieces by Nik Kershaw, Best is Yet to Come by XV, and New World by NAS.

Nikola Tesla

The developer of a.c electricity gets more than just a mention in a song, or even a song title name after him. The rock group TESLA took their name from the great man, and who can blame them. We salute you Tesla.

Nicolaus Copernicus

We’re wondering how any songwriter can manage to make Nicolaus Copernicus fit in to any song, but somehow a couple of them managed it. Copernicus is remembered in the title of The Mars Volta song Copernicus, he also gets a mention in The Sound Of the Life of The Mind by Ben Folds Five and The World’s Address by They Might Be Giants.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace discovered the concept of evolution by natural selection, unfortunately for Wallace, Darwin is the only one who make it in to a song and gets a mention in Man on the Moon by REM and Never Be Moved by Clutch.


The greatest mathematician and scientist of the ancient world is mentions by Al Steward in Beleeka Doodle Day.

Marie Curie

The only person to have won Nobel Prizes in chemistry and physics gets a shoutout in Dinner with Gershwin by Donna Summer.
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