The University of Glasgow has formed a strategic partnership with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).
These kind of partnerships are very rare, only 11 other universities have similar agreements with the BBSRC.
The executive director of corporate policy and strategy at the BBSRC, Dr Paul Burrows, had this to say: “Funding of excellence, wherever found in the university system, remains at the heart of our philosophy. However, we recognise certain universities, based either on their volume of BBSRC competitive funding or strength in our strategic priority areas, are particularly important to help us deliver our ambitious strategy for UK bioscience.”
At the moment, the University of Glasgow receives over £30m of BBSRC funding, which goes towards research in fundamental biosciences. This funding helps researchers discover more about both human and animal disease as well as food security. The University will no work closely with the BBSRC on the government’s Industrial Strategy on ideas surrounding transforming reproaching into commercial entities. 
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The new partnership will see more communication between the bioscience funding agency and senior management of the 12 universities, who all partner in some way with the BBSRC. The increase in communication is aiming to create a more streamlined and joint up approach to investment.
Head of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, Professor Anna Dominiczak said:“The University of Glasgow is delighted to be the BBSRC’s latest strategic partner. I look forward to an even closer working relationship with the BBSRC as we progress our shared research priorities.”

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